When I happened to pass the building front, my surroundings were the calm spaces.

However, there might be an intense collision in the building.

It is opposite, and moreover, the it might be Peacefully and the outside be intense space in the inward part of the building.

The enclosed space not seen is imagined.


As for the shut space, the movement of energy is different in dramatic form the inside and outside of.

Even if it is possible to think, the movement of the energy is different in the same space clearly.

Gravity, a buoyancy, and various energy like heating etc. are in the space.

The molecule with the energy is faced with the solid, the liquid, and the gas.

It destroys, it is divided, unites, and a new space at the moment momentarily is made up.


One energy phenomenon

It keeps groping the plane and the expression in the enclosed camouflage space.